IOSH Working Safely

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IOSH Working Safely

Who is eligible?

Working Safely focuses on why health and safety is important, and how you can make a real difference to the well-being of yourself and others through changing your behaviour.

What is it?

Working safely is a one day course for people at any level, in any sector, needing a grounding of health and safety.

Who will be delivering?

This course will be delivered by one of our IOSH accredited experienced trainers. For further details please see our website or our Company Profile.

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About this course


The course consists of 5 modules:

-Introducing Managing Safely

-Defining hazard and risk

-Identifying common hazards

-Improving safety performance

-Protecting the environment

How is it delivered


The course is delivered in one day and can be taken at one of our venues nationwide or on client premises if required.