CIOB Graduate Professional Development Programme

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CIOB Graduate Professional Development Programme

Who is eligible?

To register for the PDP you need to have a suitable university degree – which may or may not be accredited by the CIOB and may or may not be in a construction-related profession. You also need to be working in a suitable role, most probably a junior management position. Upon successful completion of the programme you will progress to full Chartered member status (MCIOB).

What is it?

The Professional Development Programme (PDP) is available for graduates, or degree students, who want to progress to Chartered membership via a structured and assessed route.

The PDP develops and assesses candidates’ occupational competence within a framework of support from their employer and one of our CIOB approved assessors.


Who will be mentoring me?

Candidates will be allocated one of our experienced tutors; Allan McMullen PPCIOB, Roger Gillespie FCIOB, Brian McMullen FCIOB and Paul Andrews MCIOB. For further details please see our website or our Company Profile.


sandDuration: It usually takes between two and three years to complete the programme

clock  Assemble a portfolio of work to show they meet certain key competencies across 12 units. All the work is submitted online using a system that allows you to track your progress.

certificate  Certificates available

What is involved


Candidates will be given full support over a suggested 12 – 18 months period that will include phone calls, video calls and emails. This will be used to fully explain each of the competencies, give examples and provide feedback on submitted units.

The Benefits


Employers benefit in a number of ways from supporting their employees in the PDP. Their graduates will be better qualified and more experienced, with increased job satisfaction and an active, positive attitude towards career management.