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What is this course about?

A process to assess your experience to allow access to Chartered Membership for those who do not hold a eligible award at degree level. You may hold an HNC or HND or a CIOB qualification such as the Level 4 Diploma in Site Management or other technical qualification.

Who is this for?

This process is only available for existing Incorporate (ICIOB) and Associate (ACIOB) members who do not meet the current academic requirements for Chartered Membership

What do I need to do?

You will need to be assessed by us as a CIOB accredited training provider, we carry out this assessment on behalf of CIOB.

sandDuration: The assessment is completed via a Zoom call, and could last up to one hour

certificate Advise CIOB with a recommendation for a pass

How is the assement completed?


The assessment is completed via a Zoom call, and could last up to one hour. During the assessment we will interview you to establish and record the evidence to successfully complete the assessment. We will then advise CIOB with a recommendation for a pass, and they will add you to their list of members who are eligible for the Professional Review through the APEL process. You will then be permitted to immediately undertake the Professional Review which is the final stage in becoming chartered.

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