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What is this course about?

The Fellowship Application Process for Members is a 2-stage process that enables senior managers with no formal qualifications to achieve Fellowship of the CIOB (FCIOB)

Who will be mentoring me?

Candidates will be allocated one of our experienced tutors; Gerard Graham FCIOB, Roger Gillespie FCIOB or Brian McMullen FCIOB. For further details please see our website or our Company Profile.

What assistance is given?

Training LMS offers a ‘one-to one’ mentoring programme to guide candidates through every step. A tailored mentor programme will be devised to meet the needs of the candidate’s diary, typically involving 2 or 3 two hour ‘one to one’ confidential sessions.

sandDuration: 2 or 3 two hour ‘one to one’ confidential sessions

certificate  Certificates available

Who is eligible?


Candidates for ‘Fellowship’ of The Chartered Institute of Building are expected to hold senior management positions within their organisation, with significant responsibility for strategic direction, development and leadership. Candidates will demonstrate their management competencies, at the required level by submitting a detailed report describing their contribution and achievements under the following three main themes:

1. Leading People

2. Leading Organisations

3. Leading the Sector

Additionally, candidates will be expected to demonstrate that they understand, practice and promote the “Rules and Regulations of Professional Competence and Conduct of the CIOB” in the carrying out of their day-to-day duties.

What is involved?


Stage 1

Requires the preparation and submission of a 3000 word (approximately) written narrative/reports as follows detailing a Practical Project, Venture or Enterprise or piece of Research that the candidate has led or had significant responsibility for, or had significant input for initiating, developing and leading the particular research, project, venture or enterprise.

Stage 2

Viva Voce Interview/Professional Discussion.

Following the successful assessment of the Stage 1 written report the candidate will undertake a one hour interview (Part 1) followed by a half hour discussion (Part 2) on a chosen topic disclosed on the day

Part 1

(40mins approximately)

authenticates the ‘Stage 1’ written report and provides an opportunity to expand/elaborate and assesses higher-level critical thinking competencies.

Part 2

(30mins approximately)

The panel chair will present the candidate with four industry-relevant topical issues and, after 5 minutes preparation, a discussion is held on their chosen topic.